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Caregiving Superheroes



H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. should be experienced by every person with health/mobility challenges!


Our mobile personal hygiene services are designed to enhance traditional caregiving with assistance that's non-intrusive to households and respectful of family privacy. Seniors, military veterans, and others can safely enjoy walk-in baths, showers, mouthcare, shaves, and much more - all assisted by our team of 'Caregiving Superheroes' (Nurse Assistants) in a state-of-the-art handicap accessible hygiene trailer.

It's like a Spa on wheels for people with health challenges, only better!

We supply all that's needed for a safe and discreet appointment with our team. We don't need to use a client's bathroom to provide our services, or household amenities such as bathing linens, grooming items, cleaning supplies, electricity, or water. After we check vitals (blood pressure, etc.) and ask a few safety questions, each client is assisted at their home into a wheelchair that is bound for our hygiene trailer.


As Caregiving Superheroes, we realize that one of the most important, yet time-consuming and physically demanding tasks of caregiving involves addressing personal hygiene needs. We also understand that personal hygiene is an uncomfortable subject to talk about, and hiring thoroughly vetted individuals or companies to assist is even more challenging - that's where we come in.

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What sets us apart from other mobile service and caregiving companies?

Most importantly, we're committed to providing our clients with transparency about who will be coming to their home. With every appointment, a confirmation email and text is sent to our clients that includes a 'Mini-Bio' of each Caregiving Superhero days before arriving - it highlights education, professional experience, and our required State-issued 'Fingerprint Clearance Card' number. Our vehicle fleet is environmentally friendly - 100% powered by electricity and solar power - no engine exhaust, generator noise, or air pollution. Our hygiene trailers are inspected and licensed by the County (MCES) and State (ADEQ). We only use high-quality products with recyclable containers, and our refreshing water goes through an onboard 7-stage filtration system that includes a UV protection process. All of this sets us apart!

We're proud to bring H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. that can significantly improve the quality of one's life. To learn more about our attentive caregiving services, you can join our Interest List at no obligation!

Watch Mary's Courageous Story

In the video above, Mary's story may be reminiscent of someone that you love or perhaps your own personal circumstance(s). Many people can relate to how Ruth feels as a concerned family member who notices a gradual decline in her sister's personal hygiene upkeep, and wanting to help by coordinating a service to try such as H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.


H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. means this to us...

H = Hygiene
A = Assistance
P = Project
P = Providing
I = Individuals
N = Non-Medical
E = Essential
S = Shower/Bath
S = Services

How It Works

Step 1 - Join the Interest List.

Joining the Interest List is the first step in the process of determining whether we're a good fit for you or your loved one. You'll have the option of expressing interest in our paid services, the 'Free Shower Project', or both. After joining the Interest List, you can expect to be contacted to verify the information you provided; then we'll schedule an in-person assessment.

Step 2 - Get a free assessment.

The assessment visit will be conducted at your residence, and at no charge. During the assessment, we'll review our services, safety protocols, pricing/fees, FAQs, and any preferences (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) that you may have. We'll also verify whether the person needing assistance meets the basic requirements for our services. For example, the client must have the ability to walk on their own or with the help of a walker or cane for at least 7-8 steps. After the assessment is complete, eligible clients will be able to choose available appointment times for our services. To make appointment scheduling as quick and direct as possible for the people we serve, a direct phone number to our scheduling team will be provided to each new client.

Step 3 - Enjoy the service.

Our services are provided by a professional 2-person team. As part of each appointment's confirmation details, we take transparency to the next level by including a 'Mini-Bio' that highlights professional certifications, experience, and a required State-issued 'Fingerprint Clearance Card' number for any Caregiving Superhero that serves you or your loved one. As part of the outstanding service experience we provide, we make the payment process as effortless as possible. For payment options, we accept most Credit/Debit Cards, ZELLE®, and PayPal®. For people handling their loved one's finances or paying remotely, we can email an invoice which can be paid online. If using a flexible spending account (FSA), our invoices have all of the required information to request reimbursement from an FSA administrator. (Note: Payment is not applicable for individuals receiving services through our Free Shower Project.)

Attentive. Gentle. Compassionate.

If for some reason you don't choose us, please consider reviewing our list of vetting recommendations before you hire any person or company.

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